Media Commercials


We’ve written and produced hundreds of TV commercials, for waterpark advertising, in virtually every category, including water parks, ski resorts and family entertainment centers. Our writers, producers and editors know how to create a message that will resonate with your potential customers and paint your park in the best possible light. Best of all, we know how to create the most effective message with the most efficient budget.


Unlike some agencies, as a waterpark advertising company, we see it as a real possibility to stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Our spots entertain and inform, rather than simply annoy. Good radio starts with writing that ‘gets it’…understanding your facility and writing a script that will impart this knowledge to your audience. The writing should be accompanied by voice talent that seem like they were made for YOUR script. And finally editing that ensures your spot will get noticed.

Thank you for the exemplary service. - Fast, accurate, detailed, a second to none company...a truly professional experience.

- Kee Construction