Our Marketing Services


In water park marketing, determining your park’s benefits and relaying them to potential customers…this should be your marketing partner’s top priority. It’s our belief that no matter what your size, a successful water park marketing strategy begins with the big picture — understanding how the current marketplace around you affects YOUR park. Identifying outside forces serves to help us focus on your internal strengths and weaknesses… suggest possible improvements… then devise and implement a plan for branding you with success. After that, we choose the right medium, develop a powerful message, then make sure your advertising budget is formed wisely and executed with precision.

Media Buying

Imagination. A lot of it is required to envision a water park, amusement park or ski area while it’s still an empty plot of land. But once complete, a whole different kind of imagination is required to create water park marketing that works…day after day…season after season. Our team brings with it over 40 years of combined media buying experience in the water park and amusement industry. From the Pocono Mountains to the suburbs of Los Angeles, we’ve covered the country, working in markets of virtually every size and demographic. We’re detail oriented number crunchers, seasoned strategists and fierce negotiators. Getting to know your unique market and the nuances of your park are vital to success. And we monitor results DAILY, riding the waves and adjusting to conditions on the ground for maximum results. When industry experience and expertise matter, we are the media buying team you can trust with your precious marketing dollars.


The oldest of all the mediums, we see print not as a dinosaur, but often as a helpful partner in the advertising matrix. Water park Marketing’s top notch designers can make your product or service jump off the page and commands attention.


Often overlooked, we’ve seen outdoor advertising yield surprising success, both with static and digital billboards. After our outdoor media strategists determine the best locations, talented artists can create an effective message that will generate buzz (hopefully without causing traffic issues).


One of the biggest problems we’ve encountered is that too many clients have no real identity. Their “who we are” message has been fragmented and inconsistent over the years. As a result, sales at the gate can stagnate. We get to know your park intimately, using that knowledge to create instant brand recognition within your community with a water park marketing strategy.

Direct Mail

OK, we all know what’s waiting for us when we open our mailbox. And, yes, it’s OK to call it junk mail. But there’s a reason that direct mail is still so popular. It works. When implemented correctly, DM is a vital tool in many water park marketing campaigns, and with improvements in technology, it can make a big impact on your bottom line.


Go to any successful web site and chances are you’ll find a collection of videos: educational, informative, entertaining…whatever your product or service, studies show that visitors are much more apt to watch than read. And with media conduits like YouTube serving as major search engines, video has become a necessary tool for web optimization.

...thorough, professional and helped us create a terrific marketing tool with the designs they created for us.

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